Whenever I see the Sun go out of sight, It scares me. Even such beautiful things lead to darkness, It teaches me. It reminds me of the relationship we had, Beautiful yet Temporary. Just like this Sunshine, leaving me craving for more. But I see one difference, The Sun will appear again, you won’t. Manu […]


Careful while you have your Queen by your side. Losing her won’t change the Game, but the Destiny.  © Copyright by http://www.imanusharma.wordpress.com

For All The Good People Out There

While having a conversation with someone, I concluded that it’s important to be selfish sometimes. But the person with whom I was having this conversation adviced me that instead of becoming heartless and selfish, making peace with that fact and keeping our selflessness intact is the best possible way to avoid getting hurt. And now […]

Positive Vibes

When your mind is in all mess, Stress and choas aren’t less. Remember to not to cry and frown, Just smile, and let the problems go. Life never promised a smooth ride, sometimes it’s difficult to survive. At times, no one will understand you, even in those times, you don’t need to see the negative […]

Don’t Run Away..

Don’t run away from  your loved ones. Ever. Don’t try to find escape  avoiding them,  for they are the only ones  who truly love you.  You never know,  in this escaping process..  how many loved ones you will lose  from your life.? Stick to your roots, through all thick and thin. Those people will be […]